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What kind of elephants live in Antartica ?
Cold ones !
Why do elephants have trunks ?
Because they would look silly carrying suitcases !
How do you fit five elephants into a car ?
Two in the front, two in the back and the other in the glove compartment !
How does an elephant get out of a small car ?
The same way that he got in !
Why did the elephant cross the road ?
Because the chicken was having a day off !
What do you call an elephant at the North Pole ?
Lost !
What did the hotel manager say to the elephant that couldn't pay his bill ?
"Pack your trunk and clear out !"
How do you get an elephant into a matchbox ?
Take all the matches out first !
What happened to the elephant who ran away with the circus ?
The police made him bring it back !
Why shouldn't you take an elephant to the zoo ?
Because he'd rather go to the movies !
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