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Sid:Mum, all the boys at school call me Big Head.
Mum:Never mind,dear,just run down to the grocery store for me and collect the 5 pounds of potatoes I ordered in your cap.

Good news:two boys went out climbing trees
Bad news: One of them fell out
Good news: There was a hammock beneath him
Bad news: There was a rake beside the hammock
Good news: He missed the rake
Bad news: He missed the hammock too !
What happened to the boy who turned into an insect ?
He beetled off !
As two boys were passing the rectory, the minister leaned over the wall and showed them a ball.
"Is this yours" he asked
"Did it do any damage" asked one of the boys
"No" replied the minister
"Then it's mine !"
Did you hear about the boy who stole some rhubarb ?
He was put into custardy !

Two boys camping out in a backyard wanted to know the time, so they began singing at the top of their voices.
Eventually one of the neighbours threw open his window and shouted down at them "Hey, less noise!, don't you know it's three o'clock in the morning!"

A monster goes to a petrol station and says: Fill me up
The man at the petrol station replies: You have to have a car for me to do that!.
The monster replies: But I had a car for lunch!
A woman went to a sweet store to buy some sweets. The boy behind the counter said "Gosh, your ugly aren't you?, I've never seen anyone so hideous as you before"
"Young man" she replied. " I didn't come here to be insulted"
"Really", he said, "Where do you usually go ?"
A boy at a cinema notices what looks like a bear sitting next to him "Are you a bear?"
"What are you doing at the movies ?"
"Well, I liked the book!"
A boy was staying in a big old country house,and in the middle of the night he meet a ghost.
The ghost said,'' I have been walking these corridors for a 300 years.'
The boy said 'in that case ,can you tell me the way to the bathroom?'
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