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Jokes about girls

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'I beg your pardon,' said the man, returning to his seat in the theatre, 'but did I step on your toe as I went out ?'
'You certainly did,' the girl replied.
'Oh good,' said the man, 'that means I'm in the right row!'

Roger was in a very full bus when a fat girl opposite said, 'If you were a gentleman, you'd stand up and let someone else sit down.'
'And if you were a lady,' replied Roger, 'you'd stand up and let four people sit down.

First girl: Whenever I'm down in the dumps I buy myself a new hat.
Second girl: Oh, so that's where you get them

How do you poison a girl with a pair of scissors ?
Give her arseanick.

'Five dollars for one question!' said the girl to the fortune-teller.
'That's very expensive,isn't it ?'

Teacher: Who was the first woman on earth ?
Angela: I don't know, Sir.
Teacher: Come on, Angela, it has something to do with an apple.
Angela: Granny Smith !

'Those currant buns you sold me yesterday had three cockroaches in them,' a girl complained over the phone to the baker.
'Sorry about that,' said the baker. 'If you bring the cockroaches back I'll give you the three currants I owe you.'

After a visit to the circus, Geoff and Don were discussing the thrills and marvels they had seen.
'I didn't think much of the knife-thrower, did you ?' said Geoff.

Why did the girl take a load of hay to bed ?
To feed her nightmare.

A girl just back from the United States was telling her friends about the trip.
'When my brother first saw the Grand Canyon, his face dropped a mile,' she said.
'Why, was he disappointed with the view ?'
'No, he fell over the edge !'

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