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Jokes about girls

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Belinda: James told me last night that he'd met the most beautiful girl in the world.
Barbara: Oh, dear, I'm sorry. I thought he was going to marry you

What is a myth ?
A female moth !

What do young female monsters do at parties ?
They go around looking for edible bachelors !

This girl wanted to marry a ghost. I can't think what possessed her.

Why did the small werewolf bite the girl's ankle ?
Because he couldn't reach any higher.

A girl walked into a pet shop and said, 'I'd like a frog for my brother.'
'Sorry,' said the shopkeeper, 'we don't do part exchange !'

The garbage men were just about to leave the street when a girl came running out of the house carrying some cardboard boxes.
'Am I too late for the garbage ?' she called.
'No,' replied one of the men, 'jump right in !'

Did you hear about the girl who was so keen on road safety that she always wore white at night ?
Last Winter she was knocked down by a snow plough

An irate girl burst into the baker's shop and said: 'I sent my brother in for two pounds of cookies this morning but when I weighed them there was only one pound . I suggest you check your scales.'
The baker replied, 'my dear, I suggest you weigh your brother !'

What nickname did the police give to the new blonde woman police officer ?
A fair cop !

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