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Jokes about girls

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On the first day at school the girls were sizing each other up and boasting, trying to make good impressions on each other.
'I come from a one-parent family,' said one little girl proudly.
'That's nothing. Both my parents remarried after they got divorced. I come from a four parent family !'

'The girl beside me in math is very clever,' said Alec to his mother. 'She's got enough brains for two.'
'Perhaps you had better think of marriage,' replied mum.

'Ann!' the teacher shouted one day at the girl who had been daydreaming out the window. 'If India has the world's second largest population, oranges are 50 cents for six and it costs $3 for a day return to Austin, how old am I ?
'Thirty two!'
'Why did you say that ?'
'Well, my brother's sixteen and he's half mad !'

Did you hear about the girl who got engaged to a chap and then found out he had a wooden leg ?
She broke it off, of course .....

Why didn't the female frog lay eggs ?
Because her husband spawned her affections.

Father: I want to take my girl our of this terrible math class.
Teacher: But she's top of the class.
Father: That's why I think it must be a terrible class.

After a visit to the circus, Geoff and Don were discussing the thrills and marvels they had seen.
'I didn't think much of the knife-thrower, did you ?' said Geoff.
'I thought he was great!' enthused Don.
'Well I didn't,' said Geoff. 'He kept chucking those knives at that soppy girl but he didn't hit her once

'What do you do ?' a young man asked the beautiful girl he was dancing with.
'I'm a nurse.'
'I wish I could be ill and let you nurse me,' he whispered in her ear.
'That would be miraculous, I work on the maternity ward !

Handsome Harry: Every time I walk past a girl she sighs.
Wisecracking William: With relief !

Why was the Egyptian girl worried ?
Cos her Daddy was a Mummy.

That girl looks like Helen Black.
She looks even worse in white.

'The walls in my apartment are very thin,' a young girl complained to her friend.
'You mean you can hear everything that's going on next door ?'
'Not just that: when they peel onions I start to cry !

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