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What do cannibals eat at partys?
Buttered host!
How does a witch-doctor ask a girl to dance?
''Voodoo like to dance with me!
What happened when the cannibal crossed the Atlantic on the QE2?
He told the waiter to take the menu away and bring him the passenger list!
Why don't cannibals like to eat Carl Lewis?
He gives them runs!
What happened when the cannibal ate the speaking clock?
It repeated him!
Why won't cannibals eat Frank Sinatra?
Because he's always coming back!
What do sick cannibals have for breakfast?
Vitamin bills!
Why don't cannibals eat weathermen?
Because they give them wind!
What is a cannibal's favourite food?
Baked beings!!
Why would the cannibal only eat babies?
He was on a diet!
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